Celebrities Read Mean Tweets from Jimmy Kimmel

I love these videos. I think they’re so funny and done very well. Twitter has become so huge and it’s a medium for the intelligent and idiotic alike. You can post well crafted, thought provoking tweets…or just bash people. The simplicity of Twitter creates a culture that evolves over time.

For the record, I don’t think any post on twitter should be taken that seriously. If it’s an insult, political statement, religious statement, whatever…take everything on Twitter with a grain of salt. I think Jimmy Kimmel and these celebrities do just that. Taking some pretty harsh tweets and making light of them is damn good entertainment in my opinion.

This is the 7th installment in the series and I can only continue to look forward to more.

Foursquare is trying to kill the checkin

Foursquare and SwarmOh Foursquare…this is what happens when people think too much. They lose their way. People who are more concerned with getting their ideas into the mix instead of what the users want end up winning sometimes. It’s sad, it really is.

Here’s my take on what happened at the meeting that gave birth to the new Swarm app.

Hey guys, our Foursquare app doesn’t seem to be growing anymore. Businesses aren’t buying ads or posting offers. When users try to collect on the offers that are there, their employees don’t know what the hell it is or how to redeem it for the customer. We need something different. Now that we have all this user data, let’s just try to make money off that and screw with our loyal users even more. We’re going to split our apps in two. That way it’ll be ultra confusing to everyone. One app will be our new checkin app, but you have to invite your friends all over again. The other app we’ll call a ‘discovery’ app..and as soon as you guys figure out what that means we’ll roll it out. Until then, checkins will work in both apps, making the need for two even more confusing.

Or something like that.

triple-dog-dareSeriously, it makes no sense to me the way they’re doing this. Fragmenting your own audience and alienating businesses that don’t really get you in the first place? That’s just smells like someone dared the executives at Foursquare to screw up their business as much as possible. Maybe it was the dreaded, triple-dog-dare.

I’m trying to use Swarm, I really am…but right now I don’t get the benefit. They have a good UI at least, so they’ve got that going for them…which is nice.

Maybe someone can help me out here? Do you like Swarm? Are you using it? Are you going to annoy the crap out of your friends and invite them to yet another cehckin app that they’ll probably just hate you for?

Are You Still There?

Are You Still There?Maybe that’s what you’re asking me. Yeah, I’m still here. This got abandoned for a while sure. Life/job(s)/stuff that seems important at the time gets in the way ya know. The good thing about the Internet is that there’s this thing called “search”. And people still found this through those means. Hopefully what they found either helped them directly, or helped them find what they needed faster.

Anyway, hopefully I can post on here a bit more. Now that I’ve cleaned it up a bit. There were some odd files floating around and I had some bunk plugins that screwed things up a bit. I’m running a bit cleaner now. Fresh install with an import of all the old content. I’ll probably lose Google juice but I don’t think I was getting that much anyway.

I am still really into social media and it’s probably time that I shared some thoughts. I have a lot of them. Some quick hits: Yes, Facebook still sucks (but everyone is still on it), Twitter isn’t as good as it used to be but that’s just because it’s more work now (i.e. quality is still there it’s just harder to find it — especially if you’re new), I still like Checkin apps but Foursquare is out to ruin theirs I think, Taking pictures of your food is still a thing for some stupid reason…I’ve got more but I’ll save those for later.

If you’re still here, great. You’re either a trooper or, like me, you just never update your links/bookmarks. If you’re new, check it out. The content here may be old but a lot of people still ask me about it.

So long story, short…Yeah, I’m still here. Bonus points if you know where that photo is from :-)

Twitter Replies to Your Phone

So a little over a year ago, I wrote this post about the script I wrote to get your Twitter replies to your phone. You needed your own web host, database and a bit of knowledge to get that all working. The whole time though, my goal was to make a service that people could just sign up for.

Well, that day has finally come.

Introducing, MyMentions. MyMentions is a service that will search your twitter feed and send you a text message (SMS message) each time you are mentioned in a tweet. You don’t have to be the direct subject of the reply either. Pretty simple right? That’s not all though. MyMentions has a few other features under the hood that make it pretty cool (and not overwhelming).


  • Blackout Periods: Yeah, getting tweets to your mobile device is nice…but you probably don’t want to get a text message at 3am because someone replied to your tweet about how crazy of a day it was at work. Right? Well, don’t worry. MyMentions has a blackout period so you can pause the service while you’re asleep. Then, when your blackout period is over, you’ll get any mentions that were missed.
  • Whitelist/Blacklist feature: Maybe you’re one of those people that don’t like to get *all* your replies, but you sure don’t want to miss replies from some specific people. Or, maybe you want to make sure those tweet-spammers’ mentions don’t go to your phone. You’re covered either way. You set the usernames of those people. Mark them as either a whitelist or a blacklist and you’re set. Too simple right?
  • Replies: So one of the things that can get annoying, is that when Twitter sends you a direct message to your phone, if you just hit “reply” you end up not sending a DM back to that person…but sending a public tweet. Which can have results that are less than desirable :-) MyMentions lets you reply right back, and your message will be tagged with the person who sent you the message (without you having to type in their username).

There are more features planned for the service as well.

So how do you get in on this awesome service? Well right now, it’s in Alpha. Which means…very early testing. You can go to the site at http://mymentions.com and sign up to receive an alpha code. Codes are sent in batches periodically to those who sign up.

I should mention that right now, the service is only available to the United States.

So if you came here looking to get your Twitter replies to your phone, then you’ve come to the right place. Head over to MyMentions and sign up for an alpha code! You can also follow MyMentionscom on Twitter here.


As always, thanks for reading…and if you have any comments please leave them below.

I Took a Buzz Off Tumblr, Threw My Twitter Feed All Over My Facebook and Plurked My Posterous – So Tweet Me.

Hey there! Yeah, I’ve been gone for a while…a long while. I think I killed all my traffic which means that if you’re reading this you’re either one of my good friends or you subscribed a while ago and forgot about it :-) (or both).

It’s ok. I don’t do this for the traffic. I do it for the fun of it…and for those that like what they see. Like my Top 7 Twitter Commands Everyone Should Know post. It was written a long time ago but a lot of people have either commented on the blog post or replied to me via Twitter that it helped them. That totally makes my day.

Anyway, if you’re back–Welcome back! If you’re here for the first time…Hello and Welcome.

The topic of this post is to kind of explain some of the social networks out there. What they do, how they’re most commonly used and hopefully, shed a small amount of light in case you’re curious. [Read more...]

New Facebook iPhone App Finally Hits the App Store

Something that I’ve personally been waiting for has finally arrived. The Facebook 3.0 iPhone app is now available in the app store. I like being able to access Facebook on the go using my phone, but the 2.0 software was lacking a lot of features.

Facebook iPhone App version 3In case you haven’t seen it yet, here’s a screen shot of the new “home page” in Facebook. Well, I guess this is more the nav really…but you get the point. Bigger, easier buttons to get to.

I haven’t played with it too much, but so far, I like what I see. Getting to your friends’ pages is easier…and you can even add shortcuts to friends and pages right in that big nav menu. How cool!

Anyway, please let me know your thoughts on the new Facebook app. I’ll have more here after I’ve given it a good run. If you haven’t downloaded it yet…get to it!

In Life Timing Is Everything, On Twitter It’s More Important Than That

The title of this post is taken directly (stolen if you will) from a post on TwiTip. Since I’m giving it credit right at the beginning and linking directly to the post…I’m going to say it’s ok :-)

Anyway, the post makes two great points: Time your reading and Time your tweeting.

Specifically meaning, Twitter is a very simple tool…it’s probably the most complex simple tool you’ll ever use. It’s Twitter’s simplicity that makes it so dynamic. Everyone is free to use Twitter however they want (to a certain extent). [Read more...]

Twitter Is Down

For the first time in a long time, Twitter is down. No Fail Whale, no slowness with the site barely loading and the css all messed up…nothing. Zip. Nada.

On their status blog (powered by Tumblr) they note:

Site is down
We are determining the cause and will provide an update shortly.

While it’s good that they posted that status, it is a bit odd. Most of their status posts (even posts that say there are problems) have a little more about what is going on. The lack of ant detailed information here suggests something is really wrong and they have no clue. Or…they do have a clue but don’t want to say because it could damage them as a company if word got out. [Read more...]

Sharing Large Files is No Longer a Problem

I haven’t really reviewed anything in a while, mostly because I’ve been spending my time writing (when I have time) about Facebook and Twitter. The other day though, when I was using my Dropbox, it occured to me that I need to talk about this…since I use it so much.

I work at home a lot and often times I’ll need to transfer files from home to my work computer. In the past I’ve used several different ways to do this: Email the files to myself, put them up on an FTP site, put them on a thumb drive…you name it I’ve probably tried it. [Read more...]

Twitter is Unclean Now

Face it, Twitter is mainstream…and just because you have friends that are not on it doesn’t make it any less mainstream. I have friends that refuse to get on Facebook because they think it’s for “kiddies” or “geek’s” or “people who spend 18 hours a day in front of their computer” and don’t try to tell me Facebook isn’t mainstream.

TwitterI’m an avid Twitter user, I’m on in one way or another pretty much all day. Either on the computer or on my phone. Twitter is a great social networking tool, a great news feed, perfect idea generator, and more. I’m getting to realize though, that more and more, Twitter is unclean.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to start avoiding Twitter, quite the opposite actually. Because it’s now become unclean, I’m forced to spend even more time with the 140 character beast. [Read more...]