Twitter Replies to Your Phone

by Todd on April 9, 2010

So a little over a year ago, I wrote this post about the script I wrote to get your Twitter replies to your phone. You needed your own web host, database and a bit of knowledge to get that all working. The whole time though, my goal was to make a service that people could just sign up for.

Well, that day has finally come.

Introducing, MyMentions. MyMentions is a service that will search your twitter feed and send you a text message (SMS message) each time you are mentioned in a tweet. You don’t have to be the direct subject of the reply either. Pretty simple right? That’s not all though. MyMentions has a few other features under the hood that make it pretty cool (and not overwhelming).


  • Blackout Periods: Yeah, getting tweets to your mobile device is nice…but you probably don’t want to get a text message at 3am because someone replied to your tweet about how crazy of a day it was at work. Right? Well, don’t worry. MyMentions has a blackout period so you can pause the service while you’re asleep. Then, when your blackout period is over, you’ll get any mentions that were missed.
  • Whitelist/Blacklist feature: Maybe you’re one of those people that don’t like to get *all* your replies, but you sure don’t want to miss replies from some specific people. Or, maybe you want to make sure those tweet-spammers’ mentions don’t go to your phone. You’re covered either way. You set the usernames of those people. Mark them as either a whitelist or a blacklist and you’re set. Too simple right?
  • Replies: So one of the things that can get annoying, is that when Twitter sends you a direct message to your phone, if you just hit “reply” you end up not sending a DM back to that person…but sending a public tweet. Which can have results that are less than desirable :-) MyMentions lets you reply right back, and your message will be tagged with the person who sent you the message (without you having to type in their username).

There are more features planned for the service as well.

So how do you get in on this awesome service? Well right now, it’s in Alpha. Which means…very early testing. You can go to the site at and sign up to receive an alpha code. Codes are sent in batches periodically to those who sign up.

I should mention that right now, the service is only available to the United States.

So if you came here looking to get your Twitter replies to your phone, then you’ve come to the right place. Head over to MyMentions and sign up for an alpha code! You can also follow MyMentionscom on Twitter here.


As always, thanks for reading…and if you have any comments please leave them below.


Hey there! Yeah, I’ve been gone for a while…a long while. I think I killed all my traffic which means that if you’re reading this you’re either one of my good friends or you subscribed a while ago and forgot about it :-) (or both).

It’s ok. I don’t do this for the traffic. I do it for the fun of it…and for those that like what they see. Like my Top 7 Twitter Commands Everyone Should Know post. It was written a long time ago but a lot of people have either commented on the blog post or replied to me via Twitter that it helped them. That totally makes my day.

Anyway, if you’re back–Welcome back! If you’re here for the first time…Hello and Welcome.

The topic of this post is to kind of explain some of the social networks out there. What they do, how they’re most commonly used and hopefully, shed a small amount of light in case you’re curious. [click to continue…]


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